The Dave Ebert Show

Some of you may have noticed that the pitchman of the moment on commercials all over the airwaves is Fredonia’s very own David Charles Ebert. A member of the class of 2009 with his BFA in Acting, Dave has been diligently pursuing a career in New York City as an improviser, freestyle and “ride” rapper, web series producer, creator of short comic films and parodies, member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and now an all-around commercial personality for various companies and services. Here is one of his most recent spots for TD Bank.

Dave was on campus last October to work with students about on-camera techniques.



Right at the moment it seems you can’t watch TV without seeing him come up somewhere in a commercial. His latest is for Budweiser’s collection of “Lime-a-rita” beverages. He’s also done spots for Sportscenter, Burger King “Watch Like A Pro”, Campbell’s Soup, and eHarmony. Head over to these two links to catch a bit more of his work:

David’s acting reel has a variety of his work (probably NSFW language and subject matter). His reel features other Fredonia talent such as Lauren Gismondi, Shane Osgood, Steve Walker, and his fiance Krista Jensen (they’re getting married in early September!).

So keep watching your TV, because you may not know where he will pop up next. Go Dave!

Check out Dave’s Web Site for more info.

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